STEM Education

The Learning Journey International has been on a mission since 1995 to produce high quality educational products for children of all ages all around the globe!

Today more than ever, parents are searching for educational toys that are fun, affordable, and effective for their children. Learning Journey products satisfy all of these needs, with each product designed to equip children with a specific skill set to help them succeed in school – from critical thinking and learning to mathematics and reading, to creativity and imagination! Additionally, a wide range of interactive products have been designed specifically to enhance the development of STEM & STEAM learning in young children!

STEM education is a core focus for The Learning Journey.  The Learning Journey believes products that build on STEM inspire young minds to be curious and inquisitive about everyday life. Through hands-on learning and fun interactive themes, children experience and learn the fundamentals of STEM with our entire line of STEM-series products!

The Learning Journey is looking forward to the next 25+ years as we expand our ever-growing product line while staying true to our core directive of providing children with products that help them reach their full potential and beyond!  Our vast product offering spans five distinct product categories: Electronic Learning, Sensory Play, Constructive Play, Puzzles and Games.

With The Learning Journey's complete range of interactive products, children can have fun while learning and parents and educators can know they have the right quality educational products for their children! Join our journey today!

Our Learning Process

At The Learning Journey, extensive research into the latest educational techniques, along with those tried and trusted traditional methods of learning were put to the test. The results have led The Learning Journey to address and answer the following two fundamental issues facing parents and educators today: How to learn and what to learn.

How To Learn

Traditional forms of learning are mainly centered on the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is the logical, mathematical side of the brain. Thus, when a book is read or text is memorized, the WORDS enter the left side of the brain. Most schools around the world still use traditional "left brain" education techniques as the primary method of teaching. Research has now proven that by also incorporating the right side of the brain, which is the more creative, artistic side of the brain, a child's ability to learn can be increased by as much as 90%! This new type of learning is known as "interactive" or "multi-sensory" learning.

What To Learn

At The Learning Journey extensive research was conducted of worldwide curriculums to determine what specific skills children need to develop at different stages in their early lives. After much investigation and research, the actual number of specific skills reached well into the hundreds. However, it was clear to identify that each of these specific skills fell into one or more categories. These categories were further developed and today make up The Learning Journey Skill Sets.